My Journey

The Early Days

I got training in CS, customer research, and design in college. Passionate about understanding customer behavior, in my first job I developed a method merging group interviews and Dungeons and Dragons immersive storytelling.

Crafting Change Through Design

Got a master's in HCI from Carnegie Mellon.

In the SF Bay area, I learned from executive leaders the power of Design to shape products and, through them, the organization.

Leading a Discipline

I left the US for Spain to work on disruptive innovation. I led the UX Design practice and learned the impact of team collaboration and diversity of views.

Leading with Impact across Cultures and Geographies

I learned the importance of data-driven decisions at Google, Ford, and Capital One.

I led teams on three continents to create quick experiments but lasting impact.

I co-founded a start-up and was a coach and mentor for students and UX professionals in the US, South America and Spain.

Leading a Large Design Organization through Change

As acting VicePresident of Product Experience at DocuSign, I managed a team of over 100 professionals during significant change. Working closely with executives, we created and launched a new operational approach for our product teams.

I also championed an Experience team commitment to fostering community and unity, which became the foundation for our team's successful evolution.


Talking, giving back, meeting with creative thinkers. Let’s dive in.

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